What is NodeJS?

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS 14-09-2021 Saheb Sutradhar

What is Node JS ? 

It's most common question asked by interviewer when you fo for NodeJS interview , Below few points will help you to explain what  is node JS why it's so popular .



  • Node JS is an open source and cross platform runtime environment for executing asynchronous event-driven JavaScript code outside of the browser . 


  • We often use node to build backend services , those backend services are called API (Application Programming Interface).


  • Web application runs in web browser and mobile app runs in mobile device , these client apps are nothing but front ends which user interacts , But in real world application we need some services so that we can send mail , message , we get store some data we can get some data , Those services we can build by using Node JS . 


  • Node JS we use to build Highly scalable  , data intensive realtime services that powers our client application.


Why NodeJS? Why not Other frameworks ?

  • NodeJS is easy to start and can be used for prototyping and agile development  .It also can be used to build super fast and highly scalable services since it runs on Chrome v8 engine .


  • Node application uses Javascript, if you are a frontend developer and you know javascript then it would be easy for you to learn nodeJS .


  • NodeJS has large ecosystem of open source feature libs , So if you want to use some feature then you don't need to build the feature from scratch , 


I hope this article is helpful for you , i am very glad to help you thanks for reading





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